6 on Saturday 21/10/17

Well well what a stormy week with another one due to hit but what a name Brian, all I can think of is Brian from the Magic Roundabout coming slowly to hit us with all his might. After putting a fence up yesterday, I am hoping it’s not too hard his might that is! 

My six on Saturday again comes from a clients garden, not too sure if I have featured the garden on here before but never less it’s in Winchester on thin soil over chalk, I have spent a while redesigning  some parts of it and it’s really starting to look good now. Anyway here’s my six on Saturday!

First up is this great Liquidambar. This sweet gum was planted about 27yrs ago by the current owner and Just looks so beautiful at this time of year doesn’t. It’s one of my favourite trees for autumn colour, just how stunning is it! One thing about Liquidambars, the books tell you it can’t be grown on chalk soils, well this one is doing ok isn’t and there’s no more than 150mm depth of topsoil here before solid chalk!
Ahh the Salvia that took the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular of the flowering sages and how rightly so, it just keeps on flowering right until the first frosts kill it off, Hot Lips is Just so beautiful isn’t
Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’ has been flowering since June and is still going strong, it’s a pretty newish release from David Austin Roses and it is going to be a winner for them
Carex ‘Evergold’ planted up about 12 months ago from 9cm pots and really have grown and filled out so well, they give 12 months of colour, a worthy addition to any garden
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ this variegated grass is one of my favourites, the variegation is very fine but gives the plant a very graceful appearance, one I wanted in this border, looks beautiful in the autumn sun and breeze
Well we started with some trees in autumn colour so I thought I would finish with it too and a another one of my favourite trees the tulip tree or Lirodendron tulipifera to give it’s full name. This one is the same age as the Liquidambar but turns a butter yellow in the autumn and looks just stunning

I hope you enjoyed my 6 on Saturday from my clients garden. If you did please checkout other people’s 6 on the memes founder website https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/ I love seeing other people’s plants and what’s happening in their gardens. Why not give it ago yourself next week and give me a shout so I can take a look

Until next week, have fun in the garden

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  1. I don’t have Hot Lips but I have just planted Royal Bumble. Will the frost really kill them off?? Does it depend on where you are in the country perhaps. I am hoping mine will be OK over winter. I wish I had planted a tree like that 27 years ago! Am looking for a mall tree to plant this year to screen out the street. Can’t decide what to plant. Thanks for some lovely colour from your six.

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you 😀 it can do, I have that one at home and it’s survived a couple of winters with me, I leave all the growth on and prune back in April, I think it’s more the damp that kills them off so hopefully you should be ok as long as it’s not a waterlogged soil. That’s the trouble there’s so many trees you could plant isn’t there

  2. chicu says:

    That liquidambar is gorgeous! Am quite jealous. I could stare at that closeup of the leaves for ages

    1. thomashort says:

      It’s stunning isn’t, I could as well, love seeing the fallen leaves on the floor as well, such attractive patterns

  3. It’s always fun to see our local woodland trees grown as garden exotics elsewhere in the world. Liriodendron and Liquidambar both grow wild in my yard, and when mature Liriodendron is the tallest deciduous tree in the US. I only see the flowers when they drift down out of the canopy high above.

    1. thomashort says:

      Lol I bet it’s quite strange isn’t, the care we take after them and they just grow away so easy with you, I bet it looks stunning at full height, I don’t think it gets to it’s full height here, some tall ones in Cornwall but not huge, would love to see them growing wild one day 😀

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Sweetgum is RAD! It does not need much chill to color well. Of the trees grown for autumn color here, it is the most reliable. Pistache, and flowering pear are great too, but not always as reliable. It is unfortunate that they drop those annoying maces, and are so structurally deficient. Tulip tree is also a great tree, but just turns a pale greenish yellow here. It used to be a common street tree in the Willow Glen of San Jose, but succumbed to scale back in the 1990s. That is the problem with too much of a good thing. When the scale moved through, there were a lot of trees to take out.

    1. thomashort says:

      It’s such a brilliant tree isn’t 👍 love some of the forms as well, just love the colour on them . not heard of the scale on tulip trees, what happened to them? Maybe it’s the slightly cooler weather that colours them up pretty well over here,

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