6 on Saturday- 16/12/17

Can’t believe it’s been a week since the last 6 on Saturday but what a week! Some of you lucky people had snow while down here all we had was rain and well a few flakes of snow and then more rain and then frost, lots of frost but that said I like a good frost. But it has well and truly marked the main start of winter and this is does make finding 6 things on Saturday a little harder to find. But like anything the harder you look the more you shall find!

1) Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’ I love pittosporums one of my favourite evergreen shrubs, this form is slow growing form and makes a great plant of winter interest

2) Rudbeckia seed heads just turn this stunning black colour after they have finished flowering, just how stunning it this !

3) nature is wonderful isn’t, this crumbling section of wall is being dripped on from a leaking gully above had led this brilliant spot for mosses and ferns to thrive, harts tongue fern and maiden hair spleenwort are just two that have made home here

4) The common snowberry, Symphoricarpus alba to give it’s real name and to be honest I do not like this plant at all, it’s a bit spreading, gets everywhere but just look at the berries, like winter pearls!

5) Pampas grasses are such big plants that do need a bit of space to really work, indeed some of the best planting’s I have seen were planted on a roundabout, looked beautiful as does this clump in the early evening light, I love the large plumes of them, catching the first rays of sunshine or the last few moments before darkness appears

6) ok will be a bit cheeky this week and feature a job I have done another blog on, cutting back the old leaves on Hellebores but it’s a prefect job to do this week so take a look and see how easy it is. It can be found here

I hope you enjoyed my 6 on Saturday from My clients gardens. If you did please checkout other people’s 6 on the memes founder website https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/ I love seeing other people’s plants and what’s happening in their gardens. Why not give it ago yourself next week and give me a shout so I can take a look

Until next week, have fun in the garden

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  1. fredgardener says:

    Gorgeous Pittosporum !! I don’t have any in my garden but since seen the one with this color, it will be in my wish list!

    1. thomashort says:

      It’s quite a stunner Fred the new foliage is bright green when it first comes out

  2. cavershamjj says:

    Love that pittosporum, great colour!

  3. John Kingdon says:

    That’s a fine Pittosporum; I’m jealous. Mine did not thrive and was a casualty of my early autumn dig-out this year; it was, I think, a Nanum – green foliage didn’t really stand out. I’m now tempted to introduce Tom in it’s place for the purple colour. I have a dwarf Pampas in the front garden; seems this is a sign that the occupant(s) of the house are “swingers”. That discovery may mean it’ll be going too!

    1. thomashort says:

      Haha it is indeed good for the back garden not good for the front unless you are into that lifestyle😉 it’s a great form, grown it in a wide range of soils always done good

  4. Lora Hughes says:

    Like the others, your pittsoporum wowed me. Looks so good w/that brickwork. The first time I saw snowberry, I was smitten but my neighbour said it’d soon make me hate it. A true thug, but quite a fetching one, to be sure. Never noticed my Rude Becky’s seed head.
    An excuse not to dead head next year – thanks! As always, your photos are fantastic.

  5. tonytomeo says:

    I wold not have guessed that you had snowberries there. It looks just like our native snowberry, although there is not much more than the berries to see. It always seems funny to me that is gets planted into gardens when it just gets cut out with the rest of the brush here. My colleague down south has one in his garden, but it is a fancier garden variety. Pampas grass is an exotic that we really try to get rid of as soon as it shows up. Our is the Cortaderia jubata, which has long floppy leaves and thinner tan flowers.

  6. I’m still waiting to be sure the Hellebores in my garden are going to flower before doing the tidy up chop – I’m afraid I’ll lose them if I don’t.

    1. thomashort says:

      Should be ok if they are a couple of years old 👍

  7. A. JoAnn says:

    Love the photo of the Pampas grass! I’d like to do more with grasses, but I don’t quite understand how to work them in; seems like they need their own beds?

    1. thomashort says:

      They can be a bit tricky to work in it’s just finding the right grasses that fit in with your ideas, worth looking at the stipas like s.tennuimissa (can be labelled as nassella) some of the Miscanthus work in well as do some of the sedges like carex evergold, often the members of the daisy family can work well mixed in with grasses. Well worth getting Lucius Neil’s book on designing with grasses, some great ideas in there

      1. A. JoAnn says:

        Thank you for the advice, much appreciated!

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