6 on Saturday 06/01/2018

Well first of all, happy new year to you all, I hope you hangovers how now disappeared and you are back in the full swing of normality, it can be a mad time getting back to work, I try and have this time off to sort out the next few months work sorted and pencilled in. But enough of work for a minute and it’s time to enjoy the super 6 on Saturday and this week for a change I actually have things to show you from my own garden! Things are slowly being to happen in it thankfully, still have a few bulbs to plant but they will be done over the weekend!

Ahh first thing that’s happening is the new children’s play house (with a alpine roof, see more planting space, I may look silly……) got the bulk done and now adding the cedar shingles, never done them before and they are all different angles which is fun but I am getting there, happy with it so far, kids are well excited.

Well you will get bored of my Edgeworthii over the next few weeks but these flowers just starting to open are getting me excited! The slight scent from the couple that have opened, smells stunning! Teasing me it is!

Iris happiness has really opened from nowhere and it really did bring me a bit of happiness seeing it for the first time in flower. It’s a new iris for me and I do love these dwarf irises, indeed brought quite a few this year to try

Galanthus lady Beatrix Stanley has the honour of being my first snowdrop to open this year and her ladyship is indeed very beautiful

Nandina domestica ‘obsessed’ is another new plant for me and it looks perfect for my pots at the front of the house, just love the mix of colours in this plant

Just a few pansies but they haven’t stop flowering since I have planted them, how beautiful do they look!

I hope you enjoyed my 6 on Saturday from My gardens. If you did, please checkout other people’s 6 on the memes founder website https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/ I love seeing other people’s plants and what’s happening in their gardens. Why not give it ago yourself next week and give me a shout so I can take a look

Until next week, have fun in the garden

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  1. John Kingdon says:

    Greetings galanthophile from this galanthophobe. Once on that slippery slope ….. It’s a bit cruel to let the kids think they’re getting a playhouse when your real intent is to make a potting shed! And I see you’ll be very busy on 30 January, checking all those plant names for changes 😉 Good luck with that.

    1. thomashort says:

      Oh god yes once it happens……… you are hooked for life! Lol yes in about 10yrs time 😂😂😂😂 lmao nope got my next assessment due on the following day, will need all the time I have to get this one done in time! Maybe afterwards……

  2. fredgardener says:

    I always wanted to have an edgeworthia. It will be a plant to grow (among others that I would like to have here). But I’m learning little by little with you all and I’m watching how they can withstand our climates … otherwise like John your playhouse for kids could be a great potting shed for you 😁

    1. thomashort says:

      Haha yes it would be once they have grown out of it, another 10yrs I think ☹️ I think it could be worth ago, grow in a tough area in Nepal

  3. tonytomeo says:

    What is the allure of the Edgeworthia? One of my colleagues got one as a gift from an old classmate, and is very pleased with it. I do not get it. It does not look like much, and it not too terribly fragrant. There are other flowers that are comparably fragrant.

    1. thomashort says:

      Ahh it’s the small umbrella shaped buds that become obvious in the autumn once the leaves have gone, slowly getting larger and larger and then one day a little bit of colour appears and then you get this beautiful flower and it doesn’t grow too big! Have you ever seen a picture of the glade of them at Wisley Gardens?

      1. tonytomeo says:

        No, I have not seen the glade of them My colleague got one as a gift and everyone in the Rhododendron Society (They meet at the farm.) thought it was so rad. I just do not get it. It does not look like much to me, especially compared to everything that grows out in the nursery.

      2. thomashort says:

        Ahh will have to try and post a picture of it for you 👍

  4. chicu says:

    Such a cheerful six. Love the galanthus. I do not have any yet, but not for want of looking! Such beautiful, beautiful flowers

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you they are a beautiful bulb just rather addictive!

  5. So impressed by the playhouse! Can I move in? Lovely Nandina, don’t know this one but it is a great colour, one to look out for. As for the edgeworthia, it is a plant that I have long admired and lusted after. I will live vicariously through yours, if that is alright by you? 🙂

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you 😊 it’s getting there 😀 it’s been great fun building it, yes I hadn’t seen it before, always wanted one, saw this little one and thought it would be brilliant for the pots, very happy with it. Haha of course it is 😀😀 I love mine had it for 3 years (got it cheap lol )

  6. n20gardener says:

    Fraid I just want the playhouse! Looking forward to seeing the finished version. Have you pruned your roses yet??

    1. thomashort says:

      Haha that’s fair enough 👍 no not yet, shall start mine being of February for the climbers and mid Feb for the shrubs, how did the fig go?

      1. n20gardener says:

        I’ve done the the branch that overhangs the path, the crosssing ones and those growing inwards. Now I have to do the reduce the height ones. I’m ditherering over whether just to tip prune or to take off 18 inches on some of the branches. Decisions!

      2. thomashort says:

        👍 I would try and reduce down the main trunks if possible, down to a lower trunk, if you have a couple of trunks with no lower branches, try and cut one down to 12” this year and leave the other one alone for a couple of years 👍

  7. Nice work with the playhouse and shingles. Your children are definitely getting the luxury model. I look forward to seeing the alpine roof too. Edgeworthia hasn’t been on my radar until recently, but then I saw ‘Red Dragon’ on the Crocus website and it is beautiful. Enjoy!

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you 😊 yes I hope that they enjoy it, that’s going to be my favourite bit doing the roof, stock piling a few plants already for it 👍 funny enough edgeworthias have been a little quite over the years but seem to have taken off with the interest in winter gardens, they are perfect for a smaller space as well

  8. Lora Hughes says:

    A great six as always. Love the pansy, nandina, & snow drop pots, all looking gorgeous in their unique ways. I’m another fan of edgeworthia & yours is at that stage of giddy anticipation – still in bud but colour showing. Hope we see it again. As to the playhouse, it really is the deluxe model, inciting much envy in myself, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens w/the alpine roof. We keep talking green walls & roofs ourselves, but work keeps us a bit nomadic & we’ve not gotten to that stage in a garden as yet. Do keep us posted, please please please!

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you so much Lora 😀😀 always great to here when someone likes what I have written. Hahaha it’s addictive isn’t, just got home from work and going to check it in a minute 😀 thank you about the playhouse, it’s been great fun building it, can’t wait to get the roof on properly and see it all finished, will be blogging about the roof and will add some pics of it finished too 👍

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