Roses, the plant of love!

Roses have been a symbol of love for many thousands of years. Some people think it could of be back as far as roman times. The Roman god Venus, the goddess of love, favourite flower was indeed a rose. This lead to the fresh petals of the fragrant Rosa gallica, being spread over the beds…

Six on Saturday 22nd of December 2018

Well this is my first proper blog for a while and tbh I have missed being part of the #sixinsaturday team so excellently built up by its founder The Propagator. Its the last Saturday before Christmas and I was thinking about doing a special one just maybe about Christmas within the garden or Christmas plants,…

Identifying rose stock

Rose root stocks can send up suckers and cause problems in your rose beds, this handy guide helps you identify them

Pegging down roses

Always wondered how to get those lovely arching displays of roses and what roses work well? Well here’s my brief look on how to do it