Rosa x centifolia ‘Cristata’


This stunning rose has stunning buds that open into an even  more beautiful flower!

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rosa cristata2 e1544594173337 200x300 Rosa x centifolia Cristata

Rosa x centifolia ‘Cristata’ known as the Crested Moss but is not a true moss rose. It was introduced by by Vibert in 1826 but was found in 1820 growing in a crevice on an old wall in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Cristata makes a lax shrub of about 120cm tall with good clean dull green  foliage. it is a once flowering rose, blooming in mid to late June for about 3 weeks. the short flowering spell is made sweeter by the stunning scent.

It likes most types of soils but ideally one that is fertile and free draining and will enjoy most aspects within the garden apart from deep shade. It is  tolerant of light shade but prefers a sunny spot in the garden


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