Rosa ‘Varigatata di Bologna


Rosa Varigata di bolonga is the blackcurrent ripple of the rose world, coupled with a scent that is one of the best, all makes this rose a stunner in the garden

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Rosa ‘Varigata di Bolanga’ is a striped repeat flowering bourbon indeed it is one of my favourite striped roses. The main colour being white and the stripes of purple coming though, just like a posh blackcurrant ripple ice cream. Sadly the flowers don’t smell of ice cream but they do have a great fragrance!

They are a tallish rose growing up to 6ft tall as a shrub or indeed it can be trained to grow as a climber as well. It prefers a nice sunny spot on a good organic free draining soil but It will grow ok on poorer soils and indeed makes a good plant for growing within a pot.

It was  bred in Italy,  introduced by Bonfigioli in 1909

It is one great rose to grow within your garden


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