Identifying roses-Part 1, the basics

Roses are now gracing us with their splendid flowers once more. One of the biggest questions at this time of the year is can you identify my rose? So with this in mind, I have put together a small handy guide of what to look for when identifying roses . Like anything else in life…

Dividing ferns

Dividing plants in our gardens is an excellent and cost effective way of increasing our stock of an existing group of plants. For herbaceous plants, most people are used to using the method of diversion to increase their stocks but when it comes to ferns, they are too sure what to do So here’s a…

Plant of the Week-Acer griseum

My plant of the week this week is one of my favourite trees, Acer Griseum, findout a bit more about it and how to grow it in my handy plant of the week

Let’s not forget our heritage roses 

With so many great modern roses around now it’s so easy to forget the old roses, heritage roses, so let’s have a look at why we should be growing them!