Six on Saturday 14th of April 2018

One of my delights each week is thinking what to add to the plant of the week and this week it was quite easy to find loads of things to add, I hope you enjoy them

Plant of the week- Chionodoxia luciliae

Spring to me would be spring without the large drifts of bulbs that delight us in the larger parks and gardens. Most of the time, the bigger daffodils steal the show, with their yellow colour brightening up a dull spring day or crocus that open in huge drifts once the sun hits then. Quite often…

Six on Saturday 24-02-2018

I do not believe it!!! A totally dry week here in Hampshire, one that’s flown by but still a totally dry week and what a difference seeing the sun has made. The soil is slowly drying out, as are all my work clothes and nature is springing into life so much quicker. The daffodils that…

Six on Saturday 27-1-2018

Well another stormy wet week with a Wednesday so wet and windy, I was glad to be indoors. The ground around me is almost at saturation point now and needs a good few days of drying out, I dread to think of what it will be like if we get another downpour like Wednesday. Work…

The great Snowdrop addiction

Ahh the addiction that snowdrops occur, find out what made me addicted to these white simple looking bundles of winter delights