Tobisho SR-1 Secatuers

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  1. John Kingdon says:

    Totally agree. I’ve been using these for a couple of years and love them. I also have a pair of Okastune secateurs, which are a bit cheaper, for times when I want to get a bit more abusive – helps keep the Toshibos sharp and clean. I find the different coloured handles a bonus as you’re not that likely to put them down and forget where they are amongst anything that is both bright yellow and bright red! And that “chunk” as the blades come together becomes addictive. I sometimes find myself pruning the air just to listen.

    1. thomashort says:

      funny enough they are on my list for future use, keep using my felcos for that type of work but dont like the feel now i have crossed over into the darkside! they are just a work of art arent they

      1. John Kingdon says:

        I’ve always been Felco-free. Never rated them. Once had an argument with a Felco fanatic. His were 19 years old and he wouldn’t be without them. We dissected his Felco’s. The only 19-year-old part remaining was the bolt. The nut had come off at some point and he’d never found it so the nut was new too!

        Incidentally, I’d recommend one of these: I keep one in the toolbelt for a quick wipe of the blades when I’m getting carried away. Saves a lot compared to the squirty bottle I used initially. Great for shears too. Great for the hedgetrimmers too. Easily refillable.

      2. thomashort says:

        I didn’t mind them, more to do with it was the only thing I supposed I knew (unless you count the silver anvil ones, can’t remember the name rollcut maybe?) but I was never 100% happy, I still have my first new pair I was brought about 20 years ago, still ok, only had a new blade, spring, plastic on handle etc…..
        thank you, I shall order one of those, use the oil already and like using such a natural product so will add the oil dispenser to my list of wants ( tends to get longer the more I look at the website!)

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