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Trousers, we all wear them for most of the time, well ok there’s a couple of months when sometimes the sun and the warmth gets enough for the ‘legs’ to come up, much to the public horror and outcry. So for the rest of the year I have to wear long trousers, for me as a gardener, I have always struggled to find a pair to suit, yes I would have set for winter and a set for summer, winter ones being tougher, where also used when any landscaping was needed. Neither the different pairs I have worn, have worked 100% for what I wanted or looked as smart as I wanted. I first saw these a few years ago and the price did put me off a little I will be honest and say, but I did revisit them about 6 months after I first saw then and also looking at how much I was spending per year already and it wasn’t far off that amount. These are the only trousers that have been designed for gardening. The pockets also made the product stand out for me, the ones each side made with a stab proof material, ideal for sceatuers and saws, that  interested me. A well thought out pocket on the back, ideal to hide the mobile away and to get too when the emergency call of another plant/garden in distress coming though. Other 4 pockets are large, with 2 more with zips and have ample room to hold all other bits and pieces that we may carry in our pockets like, handchief, seed packets, labels, chocolate bars, string, pen knife and of course the magic ring that belongs to Saron and needs to be cast into the depths of Mount Doom.

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The trousers also have the advantage of built in knee pads, ideal for the odd bit of kneeling down for short bits of time, I found them a little thin for major hands and knees work.  They do have a raised back, which certainly helps to cut down on the ‘Gardeners Bum’ that so many of us suffer from at times. The material itself is tough built from 93% Polyamide and 7% Spandex. Which gives you a light, breathable pair of trousers that are also showerproof with the knees and bottom also have been treated to be more waterproof. The feet end have 2 poppers, a tighter one, for putting wellies on or a wider one if you would prefer. Only other thing is a D-ring near the pockets to clip your keys too. They also come with a biocoloured belt with a very simple clasp method that’s pretty good. the zips themselves are strongly built, with tags on them so they are easier to open and close with all but the heaviest gloves on.

So that’s enough about them, how did I get on with them? Well I have been using them since October 2015, and the same pair is still going pretty strong, there’s some signs of wear coming though, the stitching on the top pockets is just starting to go, not too much of a problem, 5 minutes with a needle and thread will solve it. They have been worn most weeks of the year, though rain, frosts and all that gardening can throw at you, snagged on roses and survived very well, only small tear was on a rather large thorn I didn’t see and tried to pass in a hurry, it also proved how strong the material is as the tear hasn’t grown since it happened. I found them very quick to dry after showers of rain, washed very well, with all soil, mud, manure, blood etc washed out without leaving a stain on them. They are starting to look a little washed but after 90 odd washes I would expect that. Now I was very unsure how the stabproof pockets would last, no holes have yet to be stabbed though to date and I have found using the pockets much easier than using my old holsters. They have been excellent in all but the hottest and coldest of days, adding thermals helped on the cold day, shorts on the hottest day and really have become my work trousers of choice for carrying out my day to day work, good enough for working hard in my clients garden, smart enough for me to carry out both physical work, onsite training and meeting clients. They make me feel the part and look smart at the same time. More importantly than recommending them, is to buy another pair and I will certainly be doing so soon

They can be brought direct from Genus  They also do a ladies pair designed for ladies. They Cost £120 per pair



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  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for this review – I often look at these trousers and wonder how good they are. I am getting increasingly tempted to invest in some.

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