Job of the week-tying in climbers 

Well it’s not so much of a job of the week, but more of a job for almost every week for the next 4-6months, Although it’s a simple job, it’s an important one, even more so on the more vigorous climbers like Clematis and roses. It stops the new growths being broken and damaged, also gets them going into places you want them too! I use nutscene 3 ply twine and just tie in the new growths roughly where I want them using a over hand knot and done. It’s well worth checking them every week and one word of warning, becareful the young growths can be rather delicate and easy to break. One other advantage of doing this, is that you can check on the health of the plant at the same time as tying in

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  1. cavershamjj says:

    I have started taking the precaution of cutting several suitable lengths of twine every time I go in the shed. Am then armed and dangerous for any tying in needed whilst pottering.

    1. thomashort says:

      Brilliant idea 😀good to have it to had, my old head gardener used to say, you are only a gardener if you have a knife and string in your pocket, funny enough he didn’t always, excuse well hgs didn’t need to

      1. cavershamjj says:

        Hmm, wonder who the head gardener is then? Like I have to ask. She is more like the executive gardener. Or maybe the chief financial gardener. “You’ve spent how much!?”. Or “another watering can?”. Or “how much did you spend on compost/mulch/pots/plants this month?”. Not yet rationing string but it’s surely a matter of time…

      2. thomashort says:

        Nah a real old school chap called Bill, lovely bloke, one massive character though! Retired many years ago now sadly

      3. cavershamjj says:

        Yeah I meant mine. If I’m carrying the string, it’s not me. Must be ‘er indoors…

      4. thomashort says:

        lol that’s fair enough 😀

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