Why a being a gardener, is so frustrating!!

Well to be honest, it is one of the best jobs in the world, working outside in all weathers, seem the natural world in all its best and worse moments, seeing big trees admired for 100’s of years, reduced to a pile of splinters in seconds, the plant you have grown from a cutting, nursed it from the brink of death after forgetting to water it, bloom for the first time, a garden turn from a tangle of brambles to a site worthy of any gold medal at Chelsea, with clients that are so happy.

So what is so frustrating about being a gardener then? It’s not even the time meeting new people at parties, they tell you about their garden and what’s wrong, what can they do? Not even the question What’s that pink flower with spiky leaves? Yes we all get them at every event, que, sat in the doctors waiting room? Well no actually, I quite enjoy it, hearing about people’s gardens and their plants, it’s all part of the job and it’s a great part of it.  

Slug damage

For me it’s the simple fact, you can’t switch off! You look at a prefect job, the lawns are mown straight, edges trimmed, beds forked over, shrubs pruned to prefection……………………….. but no, you spot one little weed hiding underneath a leave out of site but it’s there and YOU know it’s there, it has to go………… and then you spot another and then another, then there’s a little bit on that box ball that’s not quite right, so out of come the shears again and snip oops hang on there’s another bit, hour later they go away again. You just can’t help to see the fault in the job and you hate leaving it not right. Not even to mechioned the pests, the slugs that within seconds wipe out the carefully sown seeds that’s taken 3 weeks to germinate, or the ones sown in January, carefully pricked out and potted one to bigger pots, then slowly hardened off for a few weeks, into the ground with much care and love, buckets of fertiliser, and then overnight reduced to a stub 100mm tall after the deer or rabbits have had themselves a midnight feast. Then is the overal look, the garden is looking prefect, everything is flowering to perfection, everyone says how prefect it looks, the colours, the shape, indeed just everything but………. is that yellow one just a little to yellow? Or the pink just right? The drive to perfection is always there and no matter how prefect it looks it still could be so much better!!  Then at the weekends you go for a visit to a public garden, that borders a little weedy, how come the hedges aren’t cut yet? Why on earth would you plant that there? And it goes on…………. that’s why being a gardener is so frustrating, it’s like an artist working on a picture except we are working with a living landscape that moves and changes with the seasons and time, every time we get close to perfection, goal posts move and we start again, so frustrating but such a wonderful job! 

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  1. So true, it is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 52 weeks a year occupation! But as you say, even though we (I) moan, you can’t beat it. 🙂

    1. thomashort says:

      Exactly, so pleased it’s not just me feeling like this, to be a successful gardener, it has to run though your veins, without some frustration, you can’t enjoy the successes and learn😀😀😀

      1. When you visit other gardens, do you pull up the odd weed or two when passing? Consciously or unconsciously? 🙂 I do and then have to hide them!

  2. John Kingdon says:

    Ah yes! “I’ve started so I’ll never finish!” It’s not just those of you who do it for a living; we casuals also get obsessed. Every year I look forward to sitting out in the sun with a glass of wine, enjoying the results of my endeavours. And every year I look back on the times when I left the glass of wine un-drunk on a table whilst I dealt with just that little odd thing. And then the next, and the next …… But I still love it.

    1. thomashort says:

      Haha yes at home in the summer, I forget the times I burn food on the BBQ, just to remove the spent blooms on the roses, when the weed lol

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