6 on Saturday 22/07/2017

Well it doesn’t seem a week ago I was thinking about last saturdays 6, thankfully we have had a bit of rain and my plants have benefitted from it and carrying on giving me loads of flower. It’s made this week choice of 6 pretty easy. Some of these six have been flowering for months now and are cracking value for money. So here’s my six for this week 

Geranium ‘Mavis Simpson’ sorry yes another Hardy geranium but she is a cracker! Been flowering since May with me and still lots to come, will trim her back in a couple of weeks, can’t bring myself to do it to her looking as good as this!
Rosa ‘Louis XIV’ well for those who have followed my blog for a while, will remember this one from my rose watch and it’s still going so strongly now, must be on 5th flowering now, such a beautiful rich colour and brilliant scent and who said heritage roses only flowered once!
Tulbaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’ This variegated form of Society Garlic thrives in my soil here despite it being a South African plant, is pretty Hardy here as well, starts flowering about now and looks beautiful growing though the Catanche too
Stachys Byzantina ‘Big Ears’ time for a bit of foliage and let’s be honest, this is a cracker, I love the softness, the size, the colour indeed everything about this plant I love, makes brilliant ground cover too!
Verbena bonariensis. Can’t really say too much about this plant that’s not been written before, it’s a beautiful plant that almost gives a purple haze though the borders, I just love it and it’s not just me either, butterflies and bees are also mega fans.
Lanata camara ‘Miss Huff’ time to plant up my containers this week and I love Lanata, their bright colours really light up my pots, their bright colours work so well with my other choices that I am sure you will see soon. Again it’s another plant the bees and butterflies love too

Well that’s my 6 on Saturday, I hope you enjoyed them! This brilliant meme is hosted by https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/, there’s some other very good 6 on Saturday there, please take a look and enjoy them, I love taking a journey though other people’s gardens, seeing their great plants 

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  1. John Kingdon says:

    Phew! What a relief! I already have a Tulbaghia in the cold frame waiting for it’s spot to be fully prepared (border clearing and replanting job going on here). And Verbena in the ground already. I’d want Stachys but have failed in the past as it doesn’t like my soil. And the postman just left a package from Niwaki. Happy!

    1. thomashort says:

      lol I did say I would try John 😉 the Stachys can be a little funny, guessing you have a clay soil with you? Enjoy you package from niwaki, just mind your toes, very sharp is the scythe 😀

      1. John Kingdon says:

        Augmented clay. In the 3 square metres of border I’m currently working on I’ve dug in about 400 litres of coir which, I find, is the best soil conditioner there is. I’m about half-way round the garden with my augmenting at the mo.

      2. thomashort says:

        It’s good stuff isn’t good luck with it, hard work isn’t, at least it’s a good soil to grow a wide range of plants into

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