Monthly newsletter.

I am delighted to announce that from the 1st of April I am doing a monthly newsletter that will be sent out using MailChimp.

This newsletter will be catching up with the blogs written over the month, jobs to do in the garden next month, talks and workshops happening in the next month, gardens that could be worth visiting in the next month and new items in my shop (and there’s lot planned there! ). Basically it will be full of advice and help for you and your garden.

To celebrate this planned launch in a few weeks time, I am doing a little competition for all those who sign up for the newsletter before the 31st of March with the winner announced in the newsletter! The prize is a mixture of seeds, garden twine (not pictured yet) a few blank greeting card from my range and some other goodies to be confirmed

To sign up please just click this link here and it will take you though or just fill in the pop up form on my website and it’s a simple as that

I hope you will enjoy this new monthly newsletter

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  1. Alison Purdie says:

    Good! Looking forward to it.

  2. I’ve subscribed! Although I won’t have my own garden when I move I will have the share of an allotment and my daughter’s garden. Looking forward to your newsletters.

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you Ronnie and I hope you enjoy them 😀😀

  3. Thomas I would love to subscribe to your monthly newsletter but the link is not working for me and I can’t find where the pop up on your site…help please. Cheers, Peter

    1. thomashort says:

      Morning Peter thank you very much, i will add a form to the site this evening or tomorrow morning if that’s ok, just worked out how to do it I think and let you know when it is done 👍 many thanks for the feedback as well, I am pretty new to this and it’s good to hear when things are working

    2. thomashort says:

      Hi Peter, I have added a page called newsletter, it is the old contact page that really wasn’t being used,
      Kind regards

  4. Thanks so much Thomas…done. Looking forward to the opportunity of reading more great gardening from you. Cheers, Peter

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