Eye catching plants from RHS Chelsea flower show

As ever I though it would be lovely to share some of the plants that really caught my eye at this years show. It isn’t them all as that would take weeks/months/years of writing and tbh I think you my lovely readers may get a little bored by then. So here’s just a few that made me look at them at least twice or even three times!

Proteas are a plant that took my breathe away the first time I saw them on Tresco Abbey Gardens on the Scilly Isles. See them here at Chelsea, again took my breathe away. Just how beautiful are they, just sadly not Hardy in most of the uk. Oh nearly forgot, this is Protea cynaroides.

Bonsai is becoming more popular and these stunning example of Pinus parvifolia, first started in 1854 is just amazing! To think that the work has been done by many people over the years, tendered with love and it’s still going strong! It would worry me like anything to have something that old, needing to be fed, watered and cared for, just in case in died on my watch, image that, the shame

Lupins were hugely massive at Chelsea this year and this particular one called Towering Inferno was on a few show gardens and in the main marque, I love the brightness of the copper tones on this plant. Let’s hope it was the start of the lupin revival!

Sorry/notsorry, had to add a rose into the mix, I loved this new David Austin rose not just for it’s simple clear open yellow flowers, that have a delightful scent but also the name is so nice as well, Tottering by Gently it is called and how rightly so!

Ok this lavender didn’t leap out at me but never less did make me look a few times at it and it was so unusual I just had to include it, Virdis is the name and that means green, found it very calming for some reason

Agaves have been a little favourite of mine for many years sadly don’t grow any at home, Although I think that maybe about to change, thought this one is adorable and was called Kichijokan

Need a bit of bright colour in your garden? Can’t get much brighter and stunning than this Arctotis ‘Holly’ certainly one for my pots and containers this year

Thought the clematis stands in the flower marque were outstanding! Everyone could of made the cut but in the end I chose this one called Sarah Elizabeth, there was just something about the colour I just loved

Image the horror of seeing this fly catching plant, flying around in the one area you thought you were safe!

As a family Lysimachii gets a lot of stick I think, some like creeping Jenny do want to take over the world and their bad name tarnishes the whole genus. This one however is just a stunner! Lysimachii atropurpurea Beaujolais is it’s name.

No look at the plants of Chelsea for me would of been compete without a Peonia and this tree peonia again stopped me in my tracks, look at the range of colours and the delicate way it bows her head, almost like her stunning good looks embarrass her. Peonia x lemonia sounvier de maxime Cornu is her name.

Right that’s a brief look at some of the stunning plants I saw at RHS Chelsea, I hope you liked them and I will be sharing some of my favourite gardens and stands next time on the blog

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  1. The Sarracenia stuffed into a clump of moss and suspended from the ceiling has got to be one of the most bizarre examples of floral decorating I have ever seen.

    The Pinus bonsai, on the other hand—truly amazing. Wonderful. Gorgeous. I’m running out of superlatives.

  2. Really pretty flowers. That bonzai looks magical. #lgrtstumble

  3. The colour of that clematis is really pretty; almost peach? I’ve never heard of Proteas but i can see why you like them; they are so unusual. I didn’t get to Chelsea this yea. Are you going to Chatsworth?

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