Things to do in the garden this weekend

Well I thought I would start up this to do list but do it on a slightly different slant. That being, showing you some of the work carried out by me and my team in the last week. Hopefully it will inspire you to have a go in the garden this week and have a go yourself


It’s starting to get towards bird nesting time now and it’s really getting to the end of hedge cutting ideally up to the end of July. By this time, most of the birds would of had their 2nd or 3rd batch, which would of flown by the end of the month. So if you have any hedges left that need a trim, get them done quickly and aim to be finished by late March. One last thing, check before cutting to make sure there’s no birds sitting on an early nest!

Rose pruning. It’s time to really crack on with the rose pruning. Ideally shrub roses, climbers, ramblers and sp roses should be done by the 3rd week in March. This is because they are tougher plants or have a little protection from the late frosts we sometimes get. Bush roses like hybrid teas, China, Tea roses etc can still be pruned into early April as they are a little tender and they should then miss the last of the really bad frosts

Ahh the first grass cut of the year. Well worth walking around the lawn first to remove any fallen branches, left out tools etc before cutting. I would also raise the level up a notch to cut the lawn higher and then slowly lower the height over the next month or so. That way the grass stays green and doesn’t look yellow

Last little job would be to put up any nesting boxes you may have. Birds are looking for good nesting sites at the moment and need to feel confident that your box is a good home to raise their young. So try and put them up as early as you can. Ideal spot is about 6-7ft off the ground, in a nice hidden spot, and to be out of the ideally it should be facing north/east if you can. This avoids the strong sunlight heating up the box and killing the young

Well that’s it for this week. Would love to hear feedback on this way of doing weekly/fortnightly jobs to do in the garden

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    We are earlier in our mild climate, . . . but are dreadfully behind schedule in some regards. A so-called ‘gardener’ pruned back the neighbors flowering crabapples before bloom like they do annually. (Seriously, the buds are about to pop, but get pruned off instead.) Timing is so important.

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