Pruning Rosa Rugosa roses

Rosa rugosa group of roses are some of the hardest, toughest roses that we can grow here in the uk. They take north, south, east and west facing sites. Most soil types apart from very waterlogged soils, indeed, they will grow quite happily in pure sand on the high tide mark on the beach! They…

6 on Saturday 9/12/2017s

My 6 on Saturday comes to you from The Eden Project in Cornwall! I spent an enjoyable day walki;g around there during the week before a talk in Cornwall

October, the neither month!

My monthly look at the month gone by, what I have been doing as well as some thoughts then looking forward to the upcoming month

Six on Saturday- 7/10/17

My #sixonsaturday this week are from a clients garden and are things looking beautiful in a clients garden this week