The garden in April

April’s a very busy month in gardening, there is so much work to do in the garden at the moment so I thought I would put together a blog featuring some of the jobs you can be doing during this time, just to try and help you all work out how to do things within the garden

So here it is

Moving self seeded plants,

I wrote this last year and it’s a great time of year to move them it can be found here


Puddling is a great of fashioned method of planting out plants in dry conditions and at the moment in the uk it’s pretty dry so here’s a good method of getting your plants off to the best start. Please click here

Box tree moth!

Yes the blighters are back flying again, no matter where you are in the uk, it’s worth having a trap ready if you have box! Click here

Having fun with alpines

Most alpines are brilliant plants, tough, hardy and easy to grow. Plants and gardening can be fun so why not try this idea out. Click here

Treating rose leaf diseases

Roses are one of the gardeners favourite plants, looking after them is a area of mystery for a lot of gardeners. Here’s a little blog to help you out. Click here

I how these little titbits will help you in the garden this week. Enjoy the weather and getting back in contact with nature

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