Identifying roses-Part 1, the basics

Roses are now gracing us with their splendid flowers once more. One of the biggest questions at this time of the year is can you identify my rose? So with this in mind, I have put together a small handy guide of what to look for when identifying roses . Like anything else in life…

Davidia involucrata

This weeks Plant is the stunning handkerchief tree or white dove tree, Davidia, find out more about this Beautiful tree

Plant of the week- Stachyurus praecox

Some plants knock you over with their beauty and this is one! Stachyurus praecox is a stunning shrub from Japan, learn more about this shrub and how to grow and care for it, in my plant of the week blog!

The great Snowdrop addiction

Ahh the addiction that snowdrops occur, find out what made me addicted to these white simple looking bundles of winter delights