Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata is now in full flower with the white blooms covering the trees almost like white doves fluttering in the branches or handkerchiefs that have been picked up by a big gust of wind and spread them all though the tree.

I can imagine how thrilling it must of been to first clap your eyes on this tree growing wild and seeing the stunning flowers for the first time just like the first Europeans discovering the tree for the first time. It was one lucky chap , a French missionary called father Armand David who first came across it, flowering away in a Chinese valley in 1871 and sent specimens back to France. The seeds didn’t arrive in Europe for a few more years indeed it was the first plant hunting trip by one of the greatest plant hunters of them all, Earnest Wilson who in 1901 managed to send back seeds to Kew Gardens. This was despite being attacked by bandits, suffering a deadly illness and recovering and finally nearly drowning! Damn glad I don’t have to suffer like that to get my hands on one!

Never-less this beautiful tree with heart shaped leaves and seed pods that look like Christmas baubles hanging from the branches, is well worth the effort of going to see one in the next week or so, just admire its beauty!

Next week I will highlight another plant that is looking beautiful

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  1. n20gardener says:

    They are great looking trees. Thanks for sharing

  2. tonytomeo says:

    We grew this one a few years ago, and the few people who were familiar with it REALLY wanted it; but the marketability was limited otherwise. Not many had ever heard of it, and fewer were impressed by it. It is the sort of tree that I like to grow on the farm, and maybe see in other people’s gardens, but I would not grow it in my own garden.

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