Cutting back Hellebores

A brief step by step guide to pruning back the foliage on Hellebores, what ones it works on and why we do it

RHS Green plan it

Green Plan It is an RHS campaign for school gardening initiative where over ten weeks starting in September, Year8/9/S2/3 students with the help of a volunteer industry mentor chose and area in the community or the school and plan, design and build a model of the garden they would love to create within that area….

6 on Saturday 9/12/2017s

My 6 on Saturday comes to you from The Eden Project in Cornwall! I spent an enjoyable day walki;g around there during the week before a talk in Cornwall

Six on Saturday- 2/12/17

It’s my 6 on Saturday this week is looking at the trees in my clients garden as part of the national tree week