New on the site!

Well a few of my regular followers may of noticed that my normal mid week blog is missing this week, it’s been due to two main things, first of all a trip down to Cornwall to speak at the Cornwall Gardens SocietysDecember meetings (more about that another week!) but also my time has been spent putting the finishing touches to my couple of new webpages. A few weeks ago, I printed some blank greeting cards to sell at my talks and quite a few of you are interested in buying them, so here we go! I hope you like them! Will be adding new ones as soon as I get them printed. Would love your feedback!

In the new year, I am also hoping to do a days seminar on becoming a speaker and all this will be bookable though my shop.

Please also don’t think this will make my site become commercial, I have no intention of becoming a shop first, it will always be my blog site

I hope you enjoy it

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