Rose of the week – Perle d’0r

My rose of the week this week is a lovely repeat flowering rose, Perle d’Or, this beautiful little Pom Pom rose would be at home in any garden

Flaming June! 

The monthly thoughts of a professional gardener, well one that’s currently off sick!

Let’s not forget our heritage roses 

With so many great modern roses around now it’s so easy to forget the old roses, heritage roses, so let’s have a look at why we should be growing them!

Rose of the week-Koenigin Von Danemark 

My rose of the week is an alba rose and is one of the best heritage roses bred, koenigin Von danemark. Who was the Queen? Who Bred the rose? All the answers are here

Rose of the week- Jeanne de Montfort

This week, I look at the beautiful moss rose ‘Jeanne de Montfort’. Finding out all about the Rose, who bred her, then and who she is named after!