6 on Saturday 

Well felt it was right to join in with another garden blogging friend, The Propagater, http://www.thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com with his idea of 6 plants of interest each week on a Saturday. Sadly my garden is quite small, indeed even a couple of postage stamps would struggle to fit into my garden, so for me, it might be every couple of weeks, otherwise it would the same ones every week! 

My first is the paper like flowers of Catanache caerula, a tough little Herbaceous plant that’s a member of the daisy family. It gets to about 18inches high in my garden and loves a nice sunny spot here in my borders 

Next one has to be a rose, this one is a rambler called ‘Blushing Lucy’ and was planted about 3yrs ago to cover my dividing wall with my neighbours. This year, it’s finally got going this year with some great new growth,so it’s looking even better for next year 

Gaura RosyJane is one of Rosemary Hardys finds and it is one of my favourite Gauras. They are a plant that’s gained a bit of favour in the last few years and rightly so, need a sunny free draining spot in your garden

Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Applause’ only the second year of this beauty in my garden, I have a love of oak leaved hydrangeas and this form I brought from Head Gardeners Plants down in the new forest, really doing well in my free draining chandlers ford garden 

Armeria maritima ‘Pride of Düsseldorf’ time for a little alpine and I do like my alpines, this beautiful form of sea thrift loves my alpine pot, built with fossils me and my boy found in Dorset a couple of years ago, like all Armeria needs a free draining soil.

Geranium ‘Azure Rush’ well it looks a little like Rozanne but it’s a lot lower growing and pretty well behaved. It doesn’t take over the borders but gives you a summer of flowers. Well worth growing! 

Well that’s my 6 for this week, will be back in 2 weeks time with another 6 I hope! Until then, I hope you enjoy these ones

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  1. Anneontheshelf says:

    Isoed Cupid’s Dart perhaps 10 years ago in a sunny border and it self seeds itself every year. Great plant. Thanks for the blog post.

    1. thomashort says:

      It’s a great plant isn’t, love the seed pods as well. Thank you for your lovely comments

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