Rose of the Week – Gloire De Dijon 

rosa gloire de dijon (3).JPGThis weeks Rose of the week is indeed another total classic rose, again one of my favourites (well to be honest there’s not many I don’t like!). This tea noisette Rose does need the support of a wall the get the best from its maximum size 5mx7m size that’s covered in deep buff 10cm wide flowers that take on a pink and apricot during warm spell. These highly fragrant flowers have a main flush during June and then have the odd flower repeating the for the reminder of the summer months, up until the first frosts. It will take a full sunny spot or indeed one with a bit of shade and most types of soil as well. The foliage is a good glossy green colour.  Disease wise,the normal problems can effect this rose a bit, but does show a good resistance to the problems (please see here for treatment suggestions) indeed all the above make it one of the best climbing roses you can plant in your garden.

It was bred by Monsieur Jacotot, a Frenchman born and died in Dijon, hence the name meaning  glory of Dijon. It was cross between the noisette rose ‘Desprez a fleur Jaune’ and the bourbon ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ in 1853 and with parents like those it was always going to be a special Rose.  So special that the poet D H Lawrence wrote the following poem about it

Gloire de Dijon


When she rises in the morning

I linger to watch her; 

She spreads the bath-cloth underneath the window 

And the sunbeams catch her 

Glistening white on the shoulders, 

While down her sides the mellow 

Golden shadow glows as 

She stoops to the sponge, and her swung breasts 

Sway like full-blown yellow 

Gloire de Dijon roses. 
She drips herself with water, and her shoulders 

Glisten as silver, they crumple up 

Like wet and falling roses, and I listen 

For the sluicing of their rain-dishevelled petals. 

In the window full of sunlight 

Concentrates her golden shadow 

Fold on fold, until it glows as 

Mellow as the glory roses. 

What a lovely pose! Again it can be found growing in gardens like Mottisfont Abbey Gardens and I believe Hidcote has a great specimen. It can be brought from most good rose suppliers like David Austin Roses and Trevor White Rose.

rosa gloire de dijon.JPG


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