Hampton court flower show, a brief summary 

Well this is a new one for me, on the train home after visiting the flower show and enjoying spending some time on the Perennial stand as well as looking around the rest of the show. Here’s some of my small highlights of the show, hoping to write a slightly bigger blog on what caught my eye later on in the week

Ahh the boat, had to arrive by boat. It is indeed the only way to travel! Peaceful watching the world go by whilst thinking about the day ahead 

The first garden that struck me was the ‘Tusk not for sale’ garden designed by ferguson and white garden design in support of Tusk. This simple garden used the elephant tusks as archways around, coupled with a elephant skull and a desert type setting with a small water hole in the middle. Not many plants but I think that added to the effect of destruction caused by the ivory trade

The next one that caught my eye and well it had to not often do you see a tree and underplanting in mid air! Sadly I couldn’t get too close to get the name or what they were portraying but it looked good and thought provoking! 

Next little cracking is  Charlie Bloom’s colour box and it didn’t fail the hype, loads of colour and a good balance of planting coming though. It was the most colourful of all the gardens at the show and I loved it, everything looked just right! Put together on a small budget, it’s effect is of a larger one. Really enjoyed it 

Last but not least, the Perennial garden, sanctuary, designed by Tom Massey and yes ok I am a little biased as this is the garden I spent my time on the day on, but it really was a cracker, the planting is very well thought out, starting with the reds and oranges meaning the stress and problems that are there in people’s life before contacting Perennial with the lighter more pastel colours, as Perennial come in and help and an area of peace in the middle for when the problems have gone! Truely a brilliant garden and well worth a visit! 

Lastly Beryl’s ginger cake! OMG that was nice! Thank you so much for bringing it 

In all a brilliant show, well worth going too. Will do a little more later on when I have had a chance to breath 


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  1. Ohhh, Beryl’s Ginger cake looks lovely. Quick invite her to all events. 😉

    1. thomashort says:

      It was very nice, very gingery with a really sweet edge to it, one of the best I have tasted! I ‘may’ of ended up with eating a couple of bits 😂 lol totally agree 😀👍👍

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