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6 on Saturday 29-07-2017

img 0261 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017

Well once more it’s Saturday again and time for the excellent 6 on Saturday. The weeks again been a strange one here in Hampshire, sunshine, rain and thunder and lightning, has led to a great growing week, one that we really needed. My six things in my garden this week a little more mixed than normal but I hope you enjoy them

img 0260 1 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
Geranium palmatum. This semi tender plant from Madeira, is doing rather well in my garden, this is the 2nd major flowering this year, the foliage is also very beautiful and adds a bit of tropical look to my garden, love seeing it in flower

img 0261 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
This little Dahlia is a dwarf form ideal growing in pots, I just love the dark purple foliage with the flowers. It’s really suited my ideas for my patio pots near the front door. Hoping it will be flowering all summer and fill out my pot nicely

img 0270 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
My ‘Niwaki’ tree. Niwaki isn’t just a rather excellent Japanese tool supplier but is indeed a Japanese method of training and shaping trees, I was lucky enough to go on a training course last year at Architectural Plants and this is the tree I came back with, this is the second year of training my Phillyrea Latifolia, it’s slowly taking shape. So want to try it with some other plants, just trying to find the suppliers
img 0262 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
Ahh Gazinias, you either love or hate them, I kinda of love them. This one was a bargain! Waitrose had a pot reduced down to £1 from £4 so picked up a pot and found I had 2 in there, divided up and added to my pots near the front door. Just love the bright colours and so do the bees!
img 0264 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
Rosa ‘Blushing Lucy’ well now she has finished flowering, it was time to prune it, to get the best flowers off it next year, nice easy job to do and one I love doing! All the nice new growths are tied in. This week my new wire has arrived and I can add the next one up I am missing. Another job to get done!
img 0263 6 on Saturday 29 07 2017
Buddleja ‘Buzz Magenta’ a cracking plant that’s is a dwarf Buddleja ideal for pots or borders. I have always wanted one for my garden but have been too big, this dwarf form is ideal for my tiny garden and looking forward to seeing butterflies and bees on to it. It’s a recent purchase from Longstock Nursery

I hope you enjoyed my 6 on Saturday! I am taking a break next weekend but please enjoy other people’s 6 on the memes founder website I love seeing other people’s plants and what’s happening in their gardens. Why not give it ago yourself next week and give me a shout so I can take a look

Until a couple of weeks, enjoy your gardens and take care 


5 thoughts on “6 on Saturday 29-07-2017

    1. Brilliant start for you first 6 😀love leaving the nettles and the brickwork 😀

  1. I can but hope that your “buzz” stays dwarf. Enjoy your break. I hope you’re going somewhere and doing something nice.

    1. Me too John, haven’t got the space for a bigun! Thank you off to Dorset 😀☔️🌱

  2. Phillyrea is not grown as often as it deserves to be. I will look up Niwaki training as part of my ongoing education. I can remember a time (just) when I would collect seed from Geranium palmatum in case none survived the winter. It’s just another of the myriad self sowers that I remove 90% of now. Very fine plant, for all that.

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