Last minute gift ideas that last a year!

There’s always some one we forget to order a Christmas present for or indeed that person who loves gardens and plants but is almost impossible to buy something for. Well the other option is to join them up to one of the plant or horticulture interest groups that are about. There’s lots still to chose from depending on their likes. Some of my favourite are listed below.

RHS membership

As well as 4 soon to be 5 beautiful gardens and 195 partner gardens to walk around, many great shows to visit and a brilliant monthly magazine called The Garden. All the gardens are stunning and cover all aspects of gardening from wildlife gardening to vegetable growing including all within. Each garden has a library that’s holds a superb range of books and then you also have the Lindsay Library containing some of the greatest horticulture literature in the uk. Single membership is £59 or £86 for a joint membership. Details here

The Hardy Plant Society

The Hardy plant society has just celebrated its 60th anniversary this year and is still growing strong. It is for all those for have an interest in all forms of Hardy Plants and also have various sub groups you can join including local ones to you, geranium, snowdrop, shade, half Hardy, pulmonarias, peonies and variegated Plants. They also do a great seedlist each year from seed collected by members. There’s a twice a year publication called the Hardy Plant and 3 times a year newsletter. To join the main group, it costs £17 for 1 person and £17 for 2 people at the same address. The different groups also do charge a little to become members. You can join here

The Alpine Garden Society

The Alpine Garden Society is the first of the singular interest groups I am featuring and it does indeed cover all forms of alpines and indeed members. The local groups put on shows around the areas and encourages people to exhibit plants, from first timers to seasoned enthusiasts. It does also send out a brilliant publication 4times per year as well as a good seedlist . Other benefits include a picture library and tours around the world looking at alpines. It costs £35 for an individual and £38 for a family membership. Details can be found here

The Historic Rose Group

Sadly now the only Group dedicated to roses now in the uk but it is indeed a great friendly group. It’s main purpose is to exchange knowledge on growing historic roses, organises several meetings in the year, Both in the uk and abroad and publishes The historic rose journal. It costs just £15 per person. More details can be found here

The European Boxwood and Topiary

This society is dedicated to box and topiary so if you love your topiary and box then this is the Society for you! It holds various meetings around the uk but it’s main aim is to widen the knowledge around box and topiary and at time when box is under threat, it is helping to lead research and knowledge about taking it forward. As it is a European society, the twice yearly magazine is sent out to all countries and contains articles from around Europe that makes it a very interesting read! It costs £12 per year to be a member with more details found here

The Cottage Garden Society

It’s been around for 35yrs now and was set up to save the vanishing style of planting. It has grown to over 3000 members now. It offers a seedlist collected by the membership, a quarterly magazine called The Cottage Gardener, Plant sales and member only photo competitions. It has loads of local groups with great speakers. Only costs £12 per year. Information can be found here

The Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group

A great group to join if you love those plants, garden meetings seeds, shows and a yearly book, all for Just £22 per year. More details here

The Permaculture Association

Permaculture is fast growing area of horticulture, working with nature to provide a very natural way of gardening. It’s certainly a area dipped in common sense methods and one that’s well worth looking into. With your membership, you get 12 months access to the website with a huge amount of knowledge, chance to go on training days and courses, promotions, regular newsletters and quarterly magazine called Permaculture Works. All this for £36 for an individual or £48 for a household membership. More details here

The Plant Heritage

This is a great group to be a member of, it manages the National Plant collections for the uk and helps to promote plant conservation both here in the uk and also worldwide. The membership gives you a huge chance to be part of this from visits to the national collections, talks and demonstrations, a copy of the national collection directory and 2 journals per year as well. It costs £30 for individual and £47 for joint membership. More details can be found here

Garden organic

If you know someone who loves growing organic vegetable and fruit growing then this would be the Group for them. They would get access to the private area on the website with all the information and factsheets they may need, 6 free packets of heritage seed lists, 2 copies per year of The Organic Way magazine, 10% off organic gardening range and free entry into some gardens including Ryton Organic Gardens. Membership costs from £33 per year and more details can be found here

The Herb Society

The Herb Society was formed in 1927 and its main aims are to promote the usage and understanding of herbs for health and well-being. The benefits of being a member include, the journal, Herbs, regular updates , reduced admittance into different Herb events and various offers for members from time to time. Membership is £27 for one person and £37 for a joint membership. More details can be found here

Well that’s another great 11 ideas for someone at Christmas and there is loads more different groups out there that’s well worth finding out. I hope you enjoyed my brief rundown.

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  1. John Kingdon says:

    Thomas – minor correction – HPS is £17 for 1 person, £19 for two at same address.

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