Six on Saturday- 28th of April, 2018

Ahhh here we are again, it’s Saturday and the weekend once more. This week has flown by, mainly for the wrong reasons and I will be honest, I am slightly glad to see the back of it! After last weeks heat wave, we got back to the normal April weather and temperatures, warm, then hot and then freezing cold all normally takes place within the same hour! Then there’s the showers, some are light, other times monsoon with lightening highlighting the conditions. Let’s hope as we get into May, it will settle a bit more

My six things this week come from my own garden, not a lot has happened with it structure wise but the plants are now doing their thing and turning the bare patches into a green oasis.

Yes sorry there will be more tulips in this weeks 6, I should of added a warning but I am hoping this unusual Tulip, tulip acuminata, a delightful specie tulip that’s been around certainly since the 17th century, will mean you will let me off!

This weeks number two is one of my plants near my front door, the lovely Pieris japonica carnival is just looking stunning at the moment,

And back to the tulips, the classic Angelique needs not introduction, one of my favourites and looks great mixed in with my next one

Tulip Atlantis which fades to a much lighter colour as it ages

Let’s change to foliage this time and Dicentras are one of the best for this light ferny foliage that looks wonderful in the borders, king of the hearts is this plants form

Lastly an oddity I kinda love, such an unusual leaf, it’s a cross between Berginia and Mukdenia that gives great autumn colour as well as this lovely leaf shape.

Well that’s my six done from my garden this week, so many plants now are starting to wake up and start delighting us with their beauty. I hope you have a great weekend and check out the other six on Saturday over at the hosts site

Until next week, have fun in the garden or indeed just admiring plants

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  1. Ali says:

    ‘Angelique’ and ‘Atlantis’ are beautiful, aren’t they? And I love your dicentra foliage.

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you Ali 😀😀😀

  2. fredgardener says:

    DIcentra leaves are superb ! I also liked yout tulip acuminata ( thin and erected, a less common form)

    1. thomashort says:

      The foliage is beautiful isn’t 😀

  3. n20gardener says:

    I’d be delighted with a clean sweep of tulips particularly when they are so interesting as the acuminata. That is fab-u-lous. Angelique is going to be popular this week and rightly so. Thanks for keeping up the high standards of the unusual!

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you N20 😀 tulips have just got something about them haven’t they

  4. @cavershamjj says:

    Nowt wrong with a tulip Thomas!

    1. thomashort says:

      Aye I agree!

  5. John Kingdon says:

    Don’t know why but your T. acuminata gives me the heebie-jeebies but your P. carnaval has gone on my list. Much brighter red than my P. forest flame. Plus I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that some of the more special tulips like T. atlantis might be worth growing.

    1. thomashort says:

      It is a bit spooky isn’t John, but I do love it, it’s a cracking little plant isn’t, waiting to see how big it becomes. Only trouble is that there are so many great tulips like that

  6. Never grown Angelique, but I love it in your shots. More and more Tulips, bring them on!

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you Tim and I agree, we need loads more 😀

  7. T. acuminata looks like a must-have.

    1. thomashort says:

      Yes I agree, going to get a few more next year

  8. Lora Hughes says:

    Your oddity foliage, is that really those 2 plants crossed? If so, where did it originate from & what type bloom does it have? I do love your tulips, especially the first one, but I do love a mystery even more.

    1. thomashort says:

      It is indeed Lora, not sure on the flower not seen it yet, will be interesting, not sure when it happened either, saw it for the first time last year and found it so unusual

  9. GardenOpus says:

    Beautiful Tulipa acuminata and interesting story. Though once presumed a species, it’s never been found in the wild, now thought to be a variation of Tulipa generiana. It’s the progenitor of Lily Flowered Tulips (began with ‘Mariette’ in the 1940s), passing along its form when crossed with more modern hybrids.

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you and that does make a lot of sense, it’s a special little tulip as well I

    2. thomashort says:

      Didn’t know it also was a forerunner to the lily flowered forms, that’s the great thing about plants you never stop learning do you

  10. Angelique and Atlantis tulips are a great combination and your species tulip is very special!

    1. thomashort says:

      Thank you 😊 I love it when it works out right from ideas from the catalogues, hoping to get a few more of them next year, not cheap but it’s so great

  11. tonytomeo says:

    I think tulips will be the ‘in’ flower for now. it is just that time of year. I do not have any to show off, but would show them off if I did!

    1. thomashort says:

      Let’s hope so Tony, I do love them, such a range of colours and shapes

  12. Loving that Pieris and tulip Atlantis. Such a pretty tulip.

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