The great butterfly count!

Yes it’s that time of year again when the Butterfly Conversation asks for people to join in with its annual count.

This count is so simple to join in! Down load the app or apply for a count pack online and then take 15minutes out and count the butterflies you see in your garden, out on your walk, in your lunch break or even queuing up outside a ice kiosk waiting for an ice cream like I did lastnight!

For me as a gardener, I find it a really useful survey to do each year to see how wildlife friendly my garden can be. To me things other than plants ie butterflies, bees, birds, add a another dimension to the garden, a moving one with its own sounds, lovely mean what’s nicer? Seeing the lavender or hearing the buzz of the bees and then seeing the great crowd of lavender!

Spending this time with children also helps their knowledge and understanding of nature and our role in helping and preserving it within our gardens. I know my daughters love spending time looking for the butterflies with me and are thrilled to see new ones or even identify one they see by themselves

So go on give it ago this summer! It runs from now until the 8th of August! All details on how to take part can be found here

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  1. David S. says:

    A great and timely reminder that we do not garden for our pleasure alone. Managed properly, our gardens can prove a safe haven for so many other life forms which not only enrich our own little plots with their wonderful diversity, but our lives with their beauty and simple humility, reminding us that they also have their place in God’s creation. Thanks, Tom, for reminding me of that.

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