The garden in April

April’s a very busy month in gardening, there is so much work to do in the garden at the moment so I thought I would put together a blog featuring some of the jobs you can be doing during this time, just to try and help you all work out how to do things within…

Pruning Rosa Rugosa roses

Rosa rugosa group of roses are some of the hardest, toughest roses that we can grow here in the uk. They take north, south, east and west facing sites. Most soil types apart from very waterlogged soils, indeed, they will grow quite happily in pure sand on the high tide mark on the beach! They…

Pegging down roses

Always wondered how to get those lovely arching displays of roses and what roses work well? Well here’s my brief look on how to do it

Pruning Wisteria

A look at pruning wisterias and how to train them to get the best from your plant